Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case

  • Pedulla Brand
  • $899 Price
  • 5 String Strings
  • 2015-08-30 Added
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Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case
Pedulla Rapture 5 string with hard case

Plays amazingly well and hasThomastik-Infeld strings.

Minimal fret wear and it has a nice, clean and fast back of neck.

The stock Bartolini was replaced with a 18v Emg setup, the 2 9V's are under the pickguard.

The finish is an oddity, apparently someone painted it silver and then

Stripped at least the silver off, well most of it, there's some on the

Headstock, where the neck meets the body (guess they didn't take it

Off), and a spot where the contour is that unfortunately doesn't really

Show in the photo. I contacted the lady at Pedulla to find out if the (i

think that's pink) color was original but she just told me what the

Current colors are and how much a total restoration package is. The

Finish is pretty light showing the wood underneath pretty well and has

Some darker areas, not sure if it was the original finish which is now

Maybe lightened up some or what.

The case has wear and some painted initials, only real problem is the

Handle where on one side, one half is broken(see pic). I tried some 5

Minute epoxy to hold it which worked for awhile but eventually broke.

The handle still works but will probably break on the other half


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